Work Better: Break Time

Welcome to a new series we will be doing from time to time, all about work!

For a little background on my perspective...
I work with my husband, Jason, we have our own company. I'm not gonna lie, working with the person you're married to can be difficult at times, but overall, we really enjoy it. We definitely have a bit of a non-traditional work environment, we have an office in our home and we spend a lot of time shooting on location and traveling as well. All in all, our unique work situation and my inability to stick to a routine has lead to some interesting experiments in how we work and some creative solutions to getting things done.

And now for our first topic!

A Creative Take on Break Time...

A few months ago, when I was feeling bad that Jason was spending soooooo much time staring photoshop and I had been doing a lot of reading about how bad it is to stare at screens for hours on end, I made him a game.

This cute little bunting, made of a repurposed Free People catalog, hangs over Jason's desk.
Each time he needs a break, Jason can take one down and he has do what it says, I made him promise! They say everything from “Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time” to “Do 17 jumping jacks” or, on of my personal favorites, “Make Jenny a snack”. Basically, anything and everything that would take his mind off of work and get him out of his chair and away from the computer for a bit.

It didn’t start out very well though. You see, there was one pretty strange one I put on there. One thing that I thought would be really, really funny one day in the future after Jason had been getting lots of good ones. Somehow, out of all the little colorful papers to choose, Jason randomly selected the oddest one first. Oops. It said, “Take a shower with all your clothes on”! I let him choose another, but for a while, he was a little afraid to take one, thinking he’d get something else equally as weird.

There were days when I’d be upstairs and suddenly, Jason would run up and give me a hug, because a paper had told him to. Or I’d be sitting in the office with my back to him and suddenly he’d be barking like a dog. Seriously, a great way to make the work environment more entertaining!


  1. This is such an awesome idea! There are definitely times when Justin and I need a little creative flare to our working environment, especially when we are in a particularly closed working environment - like living in a tent together for three months in Alaska. I am totally going to try this idea, it is so fun! You had me laughing while I was reading this :)

  2. LOVE this. I'll need my Jason to come up with some ideas for me....though probably not as funny when I work at home alone. haha :)

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  4. i like the barking like a dog one! hahaha.