A Peek Into the Past: Prom

I just realized that this past Friday was the 10 year anniversary of my high school prom!
Jason was my date, we had JUST started dating and I remember being so nervous and excited as I got ready and feeling all fluttery when he came to pick me up. Twitterpated, if you will.

I think it's hilarious that Jason looks EXACTLY the same. He hasn't aged at all and will probably still get carded at bars well into his 30's.

A couple weeks before prom, I took Jason to jr. prom, where it's tradition for the seniors to come and dress, well, uniquely. My group of friends went for a disco theme. This is when I discovered that Jason will never say no to an opportunity to wear a costume. Naturally, he already owned a pair of white bellbottoms.


  1. you look exactly the same too. your dress is still cute, do you have it somewhere?

    1. I loved that dress! It's BCBG and still in my closet. Maybe it'll be in style in another 10 years...

  2. Yes, Teresa, I saw it scrounging for all these pictures! It was a beautiful dress and you'd look great in it! Brings back memories, Jen!