Self Defense 101

Have you ever taken a self defense class? I hadn't until this weekend when my friend Brittany convinced me to join her and about 12 other women at a local martial arts studio to learn about women's safety. Having traveled a bit in some more dangerous cities and countries I have been in a few sticky situations over the years and figured why not learn some basic moves to defend myself in case an unwanted situation ever comes up.

We spent three hours learning from experts about the basics of women's self defense and practicing our "moves" on some very kind (and tough!) martial arts experts. It was actually a really good time and although I'm pretty scrawny (ok, really scrawny) I feel much more prepared to stand up for myself should the need arise. 

The lovely Brittany and one of our fabulous instructors, Danny, volunteered to model some of our defense tactics below:
These three moves if someone approaches from the front:
Open-palmed face push with force
Softball-wind crotch hit
Face slap with force, then run

These moves if someone grabs you from the front:
Slap face upward or smack ears hard with cupped hands (to disorient)
Grab hair, neck or shirt and pull down for knee-to-crotch kick
Then pull head to knee for extra facial hit

Way to go Brittany - and thanks Danny for taking some hits for women's safety!

We learned a lot more moves as well, including what to do if someone comes at you from behind or on the ground. The whole thing was well worth my time and I'd highly recommend it! If you're in the Seattle area and interested in taking the class we did, call or email Kym Tuvim,

Keep safe out there!


  1. Enrolling in a martial arts class is a good way to bond with your female friends. This is not just for your own protection; martial arts can be a good workout out also. What is good with martial arts classes nowadays is that they incorporate techniques with our daily routine. Instructors anticipate different instances where we can apply some defensive moves for our safety.

    Saundra Tosh

  2. Given that you tend to travel on far and dangerous places, it would be a good thing you’ll know how to defend yourself in case of sticky situations. Though I hope there would never be an incident when you actually have to use those moves on someone. Even so, I say you looked pretty cool demonstrating them with your instructor. Good luck and have fun on your training sessions!

    Kelley Hale @ Krav Maga Academy