Happy May Day!

I've always been intrigued by May Day. Especially the Maypole...what's the deal with that thing anyway?

Over time, it seems that May Day has been used as a day to celebrate everything from pagan rituals to socialist worker's marches and now the Occupy movement...

I still think May Day is a great excuse to get excited about spring and leave your friends flowers or some other little treat at their door!

Traditionally, you're supposed to do the whole ding-dong ditch thing, however, I offer another option that works well when your friend leaves for work before you've even gotten up in the morning. You could always take something over to their house while they are at work and then take a picture of it like this one.
And if your friend (or friends, in this case) happen to look at your blog often, say, because one of them writes it with you, then you could post the picture of the succulents you got them to the blog and SURPRISE! Happy May Day friends!

PS. Your cat was being super cute...


  1. YAY!! You picked up on the fact that I'm obsessed with succulents! haha. THANK YOU! My cat is an angel.

    1. Ya, I knew you'd like succulents over flowers... Enjoy!

  2. I just now read this and realized the cat pics were from you giving Teresa and her cat succulents. What a super-friend idea. Also, did I dream that I saw a blog on Mother's Day gifts? It seems to have disappeared. Watching my students write today.....