Friday Roundup

Happy weekend! Raise your hand if you're going to a Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party! I really think a combined Derby de Mayo party would be awesome, but everyone I know is just sticking with Cinco de Mayo, horse racing isn't very big around here. I just want to wear a big hat and drink a mint julep while eating some guacamole...

Amaze your friends with these nifty piñata cookies this weekend. 

DIY piñatas from Refinery 29. 

My hometown made The Smithsonian's list of best small towns in America! I loved growing up there, although most people consider it more of a suburb than a small town...

Have you downloaded the Flixel app yet? It's like Instagram and gif's combined!

Turn wooden pallets into furniture. I'd love something like this for my deck.

Why yes, yes I do enjoy giraffes! I can have one around my wrist you say? Yes please!

Beautiful old photos of New York just released from the city's archives. I'm amazed at the skill of photographers before the instant gratification of digital. The exposure and use of light in some of these is amazing.

This is for anyone who grew up playing Nintendo.

How to make a cute little plant terrarium. I think this would be awesome on my dining room table.

Roger Ebert's 10 best movies of all time. Do you agree with his picks? I'm inspired to check out the ones I haven't seen and work on my own list of my favorite movies.

Facts about naps. Both helpful and interesting. Apparently Brahms was known to nap at the piano while he composed his lullaby!

Also, this is awesome...

Via Disney Bound, a tumblr that features outfits inspired by Disney Characters. Here's one that's spot on and super cute!

Photo above aerial shot of Gig Harbor by Nina Barcott 

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