Wedding Wednesday: Sayulita

Hello from Sayulita, Mexico! Jason and I are shooting a wedding down here and staying for a few extra days to enjoy the sun. Sayulita is a little village of 4000, including many transplanted Americans and Canadians with second homes, about an hour outside of Puerta Vallerta. We're staying in a cute little hotel in this wonderfully bohemian beach town.
I've known of Sayulita for years as we've worked with a bunch of couples who have honeymooned here and everyone's given it rave reviews. It's much less touristy than other destinations in Mexico but still offers plenty to do. I'm really happy to get my own little romantic vacation for a few days...

What does your ideal honeymoon look like?

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More to come next week on destination weddings and our trip to Sayulita!

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  1. When I studied in Guadalajara the "guys" road tripped there for the weekend. They stayed in some bungalow on the beach and had the most amazing things to say! I still haven't forgiven them for not taking us with them that weekend.