Drooling Over Dutch Bikes

Now that the sun is finally shinning in Seattle I'm ready to get back on my old bike and hit the trails. Up until last summer I hadn't been on a bike in about 10 years. I was inspired to get back on the "saddle" when we traveled to Amsterdam last year. The Dutch really know what's up with biking. In the Netherlands, 27 percent of all daily trips are made by bicycle. The benefits to the environment and individual health are obvious, but it also creates a wonderful, quieter atmosphere in Amsterdam that I haven't experienced anywhere else.

Here are some photos of P and I biking in Amsterdam:
Handsome guy with a beard
Bike trailer next to cool houseboat on one of the canals
So many interesting bikes! People ride with their groceries or kids in the front bucket.

Rows of bikes at the train station

This is the Public Dutch-Style Bike I am drooling over but need to prove I will actually ride before I can buy. They are on sale though!

Awesome video of bikers in Utrecht, Netherlands:

PS. Lessons from the Dutch on how to make biking more mainstream

(all photos mine or from Public Bikes)


  1. I've been looking for a bike and I love this! Thank you! Oh- they also sell attachable kid seats!

    1. i want one!! let's go bike riding this summer!