No Way José!

Who else spent their childhood daydreaming of visiting San Fransisco, happening by the house in the opening credits of Full House, knocking on the door and being invited in to play with DJ, Stephanie and Michelle? Just me?

When Jason and I had an extra day in San Fran last fall we decided to be really touristy. We had ice cream for lunch at  Ghirardelli Square, walked around Fisherman's Warf, drove the Golden Gate Bridge, shopped in Chinatown and, most importantly, we went to the Full House house!

It wasn't quite as inviting as I had imagined as a child. There is a rope at the bottom of the staircase, like the house is on display at a museum, only this is someone's home, real people live here and have to deal with crazies peering in the windows.  I suddenly realized I was one of those crazies and felt a bit bashful. Thankfully, Jason forced me to pose with him in front of the house.

So now I can check seeing the Full House house off of the list of life goals, but don't worry, that isn't the only item on the list inspired by childhood entertainment, the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg is a must as well.