Kitty Quilt for Kenedee

I've been working on this quilt for my baby niece, Kenedee, who will be making her debut in the next couple of weeks. My sister-in-law Kasi and I both love cats so I was inspired by this wonderful vintage pattern originally done by Tammis Keefe that Michael Miller recently brought back into his line. This was my first quilting project since high school so it took me a little while to get back into the swing of things (hours trying to wind and insert the bobbin!) but I'm so glad that I got back behind the sewing machine. Special shout-out to the ladies at The Quilting Loft in Ballard who were so incredibly helpful and did a fabulous job with the circular quilt design. 

ps. A brief history of quilting, worth a read. 

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  1. That quilt is darling! Nice job, Teresa! I can not wait to see that baby girl laying on her new Kitty quilt.

  2. Great images and Very beautiful pictures by Amanda Gentle Photography available here