Friday Roundup

Did you have a good week? Are you looking forward to the weekend like I am? If the weather decides to cooperate,  I've got a weekend of photo shoots, including one for the blog, which I'm really excited about!

Now, the roundup for you to peruse at your leisure:

Spring Break, Amish Style

Literary coasters from Out of Print. I love their book tee's for men, women and kids too!

A wedding in an Ikea store, I kid you not. The store provided chairs, linens and meatballs of course. (via Curbed)

Loving this paint dipped trend. Like Miss Moss, I'm feeling like I want to start dipping everything around me in paint!

This movie looks awesome. You want to watch the trailer, trust me.

Tips for sleeping better from Tory Birch. (Yes, that Tory Birch) Definitely some things I want to try.

Byliner has compiled 101 Spectacular Non-Fiction Stories, lots of interesting reads.  (via kottke)

Asparagus is in season! I just picked some up from a farmers market and will be making this simple recipe.

Finally, check out Henri, the existential French cat...

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