Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Here's hoping for a sunny  and relaxing weekend wherever you are.

I currently have 2 songs simultaneously stuck in my head. It's kind of a weird mix but I'm loving them both right now...

The first, French artist ProleteR's "April Showers". This cheery vintage remix is helping me through Seattle's dreary spring.

My other song obsession is "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers. It's free right now on iTunes. Enjoy!

Tips for Creative Thinking

A short film by some very talented friends, including Ash (of the awesome photo shoot from earlier today) and with music by Mark Foster of Foster the People.

Dinner with the Obamas... includes dating tips from the president.

Quick and cute craft for Easter.

Have you seen It's Perez Hilton for American history buffs, really, I'm being serious. This "Who Wore it Best" post featuring paintings of the Immaculate Conception is my favorite so far.

Quoting song lyrics in letters isn't cheesy when you're the one who wrote them. Johnny Cash's love note to June.

Portraits of American girls posing with their American Girl Dolls.

Another reason to eat organic. Yikes.

Customize your own Nikes. Did you know you could do this? I've been non-athletic for way too long. Now I've managed to convince myself that if I had pretty shoes I designed myself that somehow I'd suddenly be an amazing runner. This is probably not true.

Photograph above of HRH Princess Margret taken by her husband, the Earl of Snowdon. Via Lost.

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