The Biggest Wiener I've Ever Seen...

What was supposed to be a fairly mundane trip to the grocery store suddenly turned a bit more awesome when I pulled in and saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!
I'd seen it on the freeway going the opposite direction so I didn't have enough time to whip out my iPhone and take a photo. I actually surprised myself (and my poor friend Brittany) with how excited I was to see it. I wasn't quite Kristen Bell with a sloth excited, but I was pretty giddy.
According to Wikipedia, Weinermobiles have been on the road since 1936 and the drivers are called "hot-doggers". The hot-dogger we met was really nice, he gave me a Weinerwhistle, which, similar to getting wings on an airplane, are usually for kids, but I was acting like I was seven at this point, so, I got one! He told us that there are six Weinermobiles crisscrossing the country now. He let us look inside too. The ceiling was painted to look like the sky, which wasn't at all what I expected to see inside of a meat shaped vehicle.  
All in all, a good trip to the grocery store, although I didn't buy any hot dogs. 

Here's my Wienerwhistle!

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As I am writing this, I'm realizing I actually have so many questions that I would have loved to have asked the driver, but I was too busy posing for pictures like a crazy tourist.  If you ever see a Wienermobile, ask the hot-dogger these questions and get back to me!

1. Is a hot-dogger something you aspired to be as a child? 
2. How much training is required to drive a giant wiener? Have you ever got it stuck somewhere?
3 What's the best wiener joke you've ever heard?
4. Do you eat a lot of Oscar Mayer products?
5. How do you think it'll go over when you're interviewing for your next job and you have "Hot-dogger: I drove a giant wiener for a year" on you resume?
6. Is it easy to pick up chicks in this thing?

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