Happy Birthday T!

Great Things (You Might Not Know) About Teresa

She is very smart about all sorts of things. The bits of knowledge that has been passed onto me always comes in handy when I need to sound intelligent in a conversation.

She is a great friend. Always there, even if she's on the other side of the world.

She seems to get better every year.

Even when she's deathly ill, she'll get out of bed at 5 am and cook bacon to feed 500. She's very responsible like that.

She has a "work voice".  It's very professional sounding.

You can tell her anything, she will listen and she won't tell your secrets.

She once kept many paper cranes in her car and let her nanny children hold them, but only if they were quiet.


She will usually go along with my strange ideas, as you'll see to the right. Somehow we decided the landscape at on the top of Table Mountain looked particularly like Lord of the Rings, so I told Teresa to go pose like Legolas.

Happy Birthday Teresa! I'm so glad you're my friend!

With Love,


Photo: Teresa, being amazing in Capetown, 2005.

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  1. i love people with "work voices" hahaha. so great!