Friday Roundup

Shake off that rain!! So what's everyone up to this weekend? I hope the weather is better wherever you are than it is in Seattle. I'm ready for summer! Patrick and I are headed down to Tacoma to have dinner with his brother and wife who are expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks We are so excited for our little niece to arrive (the first for both of us)! 

Here are some fun links to take you into the weekend - Happy Friday!

Incredibly creative way to paint.

Wacky and cool floor art design

How to quickly ripen an avocado.

Romantic bedrooms.

I'm in love.

I'm thinking about a career change, anybody wanna join me?

Great news for chocoholics like myself!

What Americans would give up to keep the internet. Is this surprising or not? -- I can't decide.

Epic bathtub.
What do you think about this suit for the summer? Good thing I'm too pale to get tan lines. ;)

100 things to do in Seattle before you die.

A great song from The Weekend for your weekend.

(fabulous doggy shaking photos from Carli Davidson via Adventures in Heatherland)


  1. those pictures are sooo funny! i know that dog breed is kinda ugly but i find them to be very cute!

    life spelled jen