Friday Round Up

What will you be doing this weekend? My sisters birthday is on Saturday and Teresa's birthday is on Tuesday so I'll be spending the weekend shopping for amazing gifts and working on a spring birthday gift guide while I'm at it.

And now, without further adieu, the roundup...

New York Times slideshow of images from Kodak's early days. This is where I got the image of the boy above. It won a $5 prize in 1943.

Love this video from Kimbra. Remember her? She sings "Someboday That I Used To Know" with Gotye. 

Please tell me you've seen Cake Wrecks before! It is the type of site I could spend hours on, hilariously amazing. The story of the fireman cake is my favorite. This one is great too. And this is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. You don't think it's that creepy? Would you want to EAT it?

Did you know that International Women's Day is a big deal in Russia? 

Mad Men is coming back soon! Have you seen this sneak peak video yet?

Swimming cat!

Apartment Therapy's gardens you can take with you when you move.  We love the wreath and, lets be honest, the fact that we could probably manage to keep this alive is a plus too.

This Moon River Manicure looks easy enough for me to attempt.

Check out these beautiful Morocccan inspired tiled kitchens.

I want to try this healthy and super tasty looking Arugula and Penne Salad.

Here are some creative things to do with old books. The book sconce is amazing.

And if you're as excited to see Hunger Games as me, you'll find this one to be hilarious.

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  1. i love this Hunger Games comic/illustration/whatever-it-is-called! soooo funny. I think i re posted this to a million people! i would be the first to die! haha