Heading Home

Today is our last day in Kenya. By the time you read this, I will be on a plane, soaring over the continent. I've heard about a place where you can feed giraffes and INSISTED that we go there today before our flight.

For now, here is our trip summed up in numbers.

3...Flights to get here.
2...Number of movies staring Ryan Gosling I watched on the plane.
10...Mosquito bites on me.
A TON...The best way to quantify the number of mosquito bites on Jason. He's my personal mosquito magnet. A quality I definitely recommend looking for in choosing a husband.
465 GB...Of pictures and video captured and there is still more to download.
64...Instagram pictures posted by Jason. Follow us on instagram! @jkoephoto and @jennykoekoe
80...approx. amount of Kenya Shillings that equal $1 USD.
2...Drivers we had named Edward.
13...Number of times my hair was braided by girls at Cura Orphanage.
2...Times we drove across the equator.
1...Huge cockroach, that I discovered hitching a ride IN MY BAG at the airport in Kisumu. I (calmly) flung him out and he scurried towards the departure gates only to be stomped on by a Kenyan who seemed unfazed by this giant bug running at him.
50ish...Soapstone carvings purchased from a fair trade shop that sells to places like World Market. I will be writing a full post on this place later.
30%...  Of the population that is HIV positive in Mbita, where Construction for Change is partnering with MED 25 to build a new clinic.
4...Recipes for things I've eaten here that will be tried at home and blogged about.
100,000...approximate number of farmers that will be served by One Acre Fund this year.
5...Clothing items that I lugged half way around the world only to carry in my suitcase and not wear once the entire time we were here. To be fair, one was a raincoat, something I would have been glad to have if the rainy season had started early.
83F...Temperature in Nairobi today. Perfect for us to enjoy our last day here!

(Giraffes on the mara photo taken by Jason. Picture of us taken at the soapstone place by our second driver named Edward, who was awesome.)

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