We crossed the Equator yesterday. We were just driving down a road headed to Kissii and our driver pointed out this sign. We had crossed into the southern hemisphere. Its not like the weather changed or anything. It was above 85 and scorching when we were above the equator Kenya doesn't reslly have seasons the same way we do in the states. Nonetheless, I still felt a bit giddy as we crossed, as if I'd officially escaped winter. It is officially summer in my head and my heart is light and free and suddenly the hot dusty air blowing on me from the open window felt different, it was a summer breeze.

PS This marker was in the middle of someone's front yard! I wonder what it is like to live in a home where half of it is in the northern hemisphere and half the southern? If I lived here, I know I would say things like, "Jason, will you go to the northern hemisphere and do the dishes?" Also, if would be funny have your bedroom right at the equator so you could say, "My husband and I sleep in separate hemispheres". Hehehe! 

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