Friday Roundup

HAPPY FRIDAY!! I'm very excited to see the sun shining in Seattle! After spending the whole weekend cooped up sick last week I'm planning to be outside as much as possible this weekend. Also, the Super Bowl. Which I am excited about because 1) it marks the END of football season! 2) yummy food and drinks (see below) 3) hilarious commercials!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Hope it's a great one!

Friday Roundup hot off the press:

Extremely cool rooftop.

Our First Lady is AWESOME. Also, this.

Hilarious "Brownie Burgers" for your Super Bowl Party.

Three more easy Super Bowl recipes from Smith & Ratliff.

This mirror, yes.

50 things you might not know about Africa.

Need a smile? Cat paws.

(photo is of the Beatles pillow fight, Paris, 1964)

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