Samantha, Hester, and Bess

Last spring my neighbors got four adorable baby chicks. I loved going over and holding them while they lived under a heat lamp in their bathtub. Now they are very much full grown chickens and live in a cute little coop in the neighbors backyard. Yesterday, I received a carton of eggs along with a note written from "the ladies," as I call the hens,  apologizing for bothering us with their clucking. They do make a little noise sometimes, but I actually really enjoy laying in bed listening to their clucking. I pretend I live on a farm! Their names are Samantha, Hester and Bess. Chicken number four, Georgia, it turned out was actually George and he had to go live on a farm where he can now crow loudly at 5 am without bugging anyone. Apparently Samantha's eggs are always green. So strange! It made for a really yummy breakfast. Fresh and local eggs, as with fresh and local anything tastes so much better. Perhaps I should get a cow and we can have fresh eggs and milk everyday! OR maybe I just need to start shopping at the farmers market again. 


  1. Yes! A goat would be awesome and is legal in the city limits, whereas a cow probably isn't. Maybe someday!