Hats off to the Brits!

Pinned ImageOur favorite British sisters are back on the air this week with the season premier of 'Downton Abbey.' We are pretty much obsessed with this period drama that takes during the first World War. In case you've been living under a rock (or, umm, have other hobbies I guess), here is a hilarious list of 100 things to know about Downton Abbey. Not convinced yet? If this Gawker article doesn't get you watching we don't know what will. Downtonites-- what did you think of the second season premier? I've been trying to get everyone to call me Lady Teresa in honor of the new season, no luck yet. 

In other news, the Duchess Catherine turned the big 3-0 on Monday! We are loving the gorgeous Alice by Temperley lace dress that she wore to the premier of War Horse to celebrate, can I get that in a mini please? Check out this slideshow of Kate's 30 Looks for 30 Years the Washington Post put together. Which is your favorite? 

Happy B-day Kate! 

PS. Divine black lace mini here if you have a cool $340 laying around.

(Photos from Daily Mail (spoilers) and Jon Furniss via NYMAG)

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