Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! What's everyone up to this weekend? I finally caught that nasty cold that has been going around so I'll be bundled up with my cutie kitty sipping on tea and OJ. I just got the Kindle Fire so I'm excited to play around with that and see what free books I can get my hands on-- any advice from Kindle owners out there?

Here's your Friday Roundup!

Famous authors predict the super bowl.

Smart addition to your refrigerator.

Sick of sitting at your desk all day? Workout at work. ;)

Why cats are not doctors.

Cute purse I want for spring.

Delish Paella recipe to spice up your weekend.

Big news: Starbucks is expanding their beer/wine sales.

Also, Disneyland is finally allowing employees to wear beards! 

Seven days of hot toddies.

Gorgeous towels from Anthro.

If you're in Seattle, this would be fun to do over the weekend.

30 most anticipated movies of 2012. Which ones do you want to see?

(photo of
Marilyn Monroe at ‘The Prince and The Showgirl’ Premiere, 1957.)

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