Friday Roundup

There's a chance of snow in the forecast for Seattle this weekend. I hope we get some! It feels like a perfect weekend to curl up inside and watch the snowfall or perhaps have a sledding adventure.What are you doing this weekend? I'll be doing a little birthday shopping and celebrating Jason's birthday without him.

Perhaps you're already tired of winter weather? It's the perfect time of year to plan a trip! Check out The New York Time's 45 Places To Go in 2012

Running late somewhere? Here are 10 Underused Excuses and How to Hack an Elevator to get to your floor faster. 

Hilarious promo video for cat-vertising. 

Did you know that The Huffington Post has a "Good News" section?

Awesome Elephant Shower Curtain 

How to be interesting.

Why step when you can slide?

Are you as excited about Target's new in-store boutiques as we are?!

A song we've loved for awhile is finally getting some radio play. You might have heard it but have you seen the video?

(Sledding bride & groom via

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