Friday Round-Up

Do you have fun plans for the upcoming weekend? I'm seeing the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' with Patrick; excited to see how it stacks up to the Swedish version. 

Friday round-up hot off the press:

9 other must see movies this weekend.

25 things to love about 10 Thing I Hate About You (90's nostalgia, people!)

Interesting NYTimes Op-Ed about Joan of Arc

JFK's Waffle Recipe 

Hilarious hairless cat in a bathtub. 

Jenny is baking THE BEST chocolate chip cookies this weekend...yummmm.

Obsessed with this dress from Free People...alas, so expensive.

We are loving this song and video, also her hair is super cute.  

10 Great Etsy shops from Design Sponge.

"The case for calling your Mom...this is real research" (this was the subject line of an email from my mother this morning).

Happy Friday!

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