BBC: Crime Edition

Last week we joined the rest of the blogosphere in giddy anticipation as the second season of 'Downton Abbey' premiered. But if period dramas aren't your thing
(or you want to watch TV with your man once
in a while), BBC has me hooked on two other
great miniseries from 2011: 'Sherlock' and

'Sherlock' is a modern-day interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic book series. It is 'CSI's' energetic, literary, British cousin and I LOVE it.

'Luther' stars the talented British hottie, Idris Elba (you might remember him as the sexy criminal Stringer Bell on 'The Wire') as an unconventional London detective solving crimes while walking a thin line with the law himself. What makes 'Luther' a bit different than the typical crime drama is you usually know who-done-it within the first few minutes and it's more a discovery of how and why. Patrick and I are addicted (ie. spent half the weekend on the couch totally engrossed). Luckily they are both available on the PBS Website and via Netflix streaming. Enjoy!

PS. Congrats to Idris Elba on his Golden Globe!

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  1. I just discovered Sherlock with Peter... SO GOOD!