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Jason and I area headed to Kenya on Wednesday for three weeks of shooting for Construction for Change

I'm just starting to get all of the necessary clothes washed and starting to pack. Getting my carry on ready is always the most fun. I LOVE long flights. For me, it's a feeling of multitasking, I'm getting somewhere and getting something done at the same time, whether it's working or reading a book or even watching movies, I feel productive.

When flying back from Zambia a few years back, I purchased Atonement at the airport in Johannesburg and dove right in during our really long layover. I'd gotten through a good chunk of the book by the time I got on the plane and saw that the movie version was an option on the OnDemand. So, I decided that I'd play a little game and see if I could manage to finish the book AND watch the movie during the 9 hour flight. I succeeded, but was definitely ready to rest my eyes by the time we landed in Amsterdam.

Here what's going in my carry on this time...

Outliers By Malcom Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point
Half the Sky By Nicholas Kristof, my favorite New York Times Op-Ed columnist. Angelina read it. So should you.
Both of these books have been on my "to read" list since they were published and I'm finally getting around to it. Yay! I'm looking to round out the book list with some fiction...perhaps it's time to tackle the 2nd Game of Thrones. Out of Africa would be perfect for this trip. I recommend Hunger Games to anyone flying who hasn't read it yet. I think that's the perfect sort of plane book.

It is essential to have calming music to drown out the sound of screaming children. So much better to drift off to sleep while listening to  Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, or Head and the Heart instead of having to try and tune out the "Are we there yet?" or the "If you stop crying I'll give you candy!" centered conversations happening in the row behind you.   I've discovered audiobooks will often put me to sleep as well.  Also, some more upbeat stuff is great for keeping a positive attitude while traveling. College's "A Real Hero" is the song I'm listening to over and over again while packing. Have you heard it?
And finally, enjoy this, the song I like to force people to listen to on flights to Africa.

Things you can watch over and over again are good to have for long trips. Modern Family, Arrested Development, older seasons of The Office, all good for this purpose.

I'm getting excited to go!

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