Fiona Maeve: Seven and Eight Months

Fiona is now eight months old! Her little personality is starting to shine through and I seriously can't wait to get to know this little girl. Just this weekend she started to get the hang of gently petting Rafa and I could see the beginnings of a toddler emerging.

She continues to be a sweet, easy-going, roll with the punches baby. She is eating solids (loves mac n'cheese, cinnamon apples, peas, and baby mum mums), sitting up without support, and putting everything in sight in her mouth. She ADORES her big brother and Rafa, loves to laugh, enjoys having a lot of people around (I'm surrounded by extroverts!), and has a blast splashing in the bath with her big brother. She's not quite crawling and barely rolling over so we are trying to encourage her to start moving a bit more. That chill personality of hers isn't giving her much motivation! 

Love you sweet Fiona!

Also: Mylo wanted to get in on the fun:

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