Our Favorite Christmas Album

My all time favorite Christmas album is TEN years old. Wow. Over the past 10 years, Jason and I have spent Christmas in airports, at our house, my parents, his parents, driving between places, with friends, etc. Some years we've had trees, some years we haven't, yet this album has been the soundtrack of all of our Christmases. In fact, Sufjan might be the only contestant Christmas tradition we've had since we got married.

It's one of the last CDs I purchased, and even though I no longer own a CD player I keep the little box of five CDs that came with with posters and stickers with my Christmas decorations and every year take it out none the less. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that it's time to turn on the Christmas music :)

It's also Teresa's favorite Christmas album, her favorite song, hands down is "Sister Winter", that's definitely one of my favorites, but I love so many others as well! I feel like it changes depending on my mood.

It's already proving to be a Christmas classic, Rolling Stone includes it on it's all time best Christmas Album list. 

Here's a ranking of all 100 songs from both of Sufjan's Christmas albums (which I don't entirely agree with, but nonetheless appreciate)

Pitchfork's original review says it best, explaining that the orchestration "may be sufficient for the box to sneak into the parents' Christmas music rotation, allowing Stevens to give the greatest gift of all: momentary relief from Mannheim Steamroller."

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