Slowing Down

Last Saturday, Jason and I walked to the farmers market a couple blocks from our house. It was amazing to spend a couple of hours wandering around, buying yummy food and running into friends and neighbors. If felt so wonderful to just BE and not have anywhere to rush off to.

This summer was INSANE. We went too many places and did too many things. I spent time in New York, Ireland and Hawaii, we hiked Mt. Rainier for a shoot and shot a wedding at Lake Tahoe. All the time in between was spent working at our studio in Seattle all hours of the day and night. On most of the projects, when the long day was over and everyone else was sleeping,  Jason and I would be up answering emails and doing work on the next project in the pipeline. There were many nights with little sleep and some nights with none.

I've been going at a somewhat normal pace for the last couple of weeks now, but I still feel like I haven't caught up on sleep. Just thinking about this summer makes me tired. Typically I morn the end of summer and the change of the seasons, but this year, I'm dreaming of a calmer autumn and the idea of curling up with a book and cup of tea sounds AMAZING and actually like something that's within my reach as our schedule slows a bit.

So I'm trying to take any opportunity I can get now to relax and I'm hoping for a somewhat slower autumn. For time to go to yoga, go on walks with friends, to blog more, read a book, cook dinner at home and I'm even trying meditation! Wish me luck.

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