Fiona Maeve: Three and Four Months

I feel like Fiona's babyhood is going by in lightening speed. It's so cliche but I seriously can't believe she is already four months old. And I forgot how wonderful four month olds are! She can hold her head up high, she is getting much better at nursing, loves to look around at everything and is just enjoying her little life!

She continues to be my sweet little babe, rolls with the punches and is super different than her scheduled brother! She isn't on a nap regiment yet but sleeps pretty well at night, just waking to nurse. She smiles and giggles at her brother, loves looking at toys and books, and is starting to try to grab things and put them in her mouth. She is super cuddly and loves to be held and rocked. She's a joy to be around! ALMOST makes me want another one. ;)