Happy Birthday Myles!

Mr. Mylo turned THREE last week! Where did the time go? It was the first holiday that he has asked me if I'm getting him a present so it was also the first time I actually bought and wrapped him one! In the past he has gotten ample presents from family and friends so I never bothered with it. We bought him some Magna-Tiles and a remote control car (Patrick's idea and a huge hit). I also made him cupcakes from scratch (this delicious recipe) and regretted it immediately, who do I think I am? SOOO time consuming.

Here is a little snapshot of our three year old:
  • He is a curious, sweet, sensitive, inquisitive, caring, energetic, gentle giant. He weighs 40 lbs and is very tall for his age, entering into 5T clothes already. 
  • He loves his baby sister, cousins, Rafa, and being with our family. Our little extrovert often asks me first thing when he wakes up in the morning "who is coming over to our house today?" 
  • He loves to read books of all kinds but especially about animals. Bunnies and ducks are two of his favorites. 
  • He likes to eat shrimp, hot dogs, berries/fruit of all kinds (nectarines are a current fav), grilled cheese, and of course ice cream. He also still drinks a ton of milk.
  • His favorite TV shows are Blaze and the Monster Machines, Super Why, and anything to do with trucks and construction. He is also majorly into Space Jam right now which cracks me up. 
  • Although he doesn't even watch the TV show, he is totally obsessed with Ninja Turtles. I swear he almost cried for joy when he got a Michelangelo T-Shirt for his birthday. 
  • He has a huge vocabulary and is CONSTANTLY asking why why why? We are very excited for him to start preschool in the fall and quench his thirst for knowledge :P
  • He loves playing soccer with his dad in the field across the street from our house and throwing rocks in to the water at Lake Washington. 
  • He's a great little sleeper still and would nap for 3-4 hours a day if we didn't wake him up so he'll sleep at night. 
  • Patrick has taught him to ask people questions about themselves so everyday he'll ask people "How was your sleep mommy?" "How is your day Mimi?" "How was your work Daddy?" -- It's pretty much my favorite thing. 
  • He does not enjoy brushing his teeth, having his finger nails cut, bugs of any kind, ketchup, or potty training. 
Happy Birthday Butter! I love you!

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