#tbt: Construction for Change- Malawi

A little over two years ago, this was Jason and me in Malawi, shooting for Construction for Change in a community called Phalombe. We were there before construction began on a multipurpose building that would serve as classroom space and a community center for the Ekari Foundation.

Fast forward two years, and the building is up and running!

Two years ago, I saw a vacant lot in the place where this new building stands.  I stood in that very spot and was told about Ekari's plans for enriching the education of the entire community- not just the children. They were also intent on reaching those who weren't afforded educational opportunities while growing up- teaching adults to read, as well as offering financial and agricultural training. I loved seeing their wholistic approach.

Now, this community has HIV/AIDS awareness classes,  higher education prep programs, computer training and more- all because there is a building to house it in. I love getting to be a small part of the process to make this happen!

If you want to read more, check out the Construction for Change blog

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