Christmas This Year!

The Christmas season has been so fun this year with a toddler. Last year Myles was only one and a half and didn't really grasp much of what was going on. I actually skipped even having a tree because I didn't want to be a referee all month trying to get him not to touch it.

This year everything is new and exciting for him as he discovers the season! He is obsessed with our Christmas tree, pointing out all the ornaments to people who come by and telling everyone at school about how tall it is. He was fascinated that we got it home by strapping it to the top of our car.  We went to Zoo Lights for Rory's birthday and Mylo loved meeting the Reindeer and riding the carrousel with Daddy and Pa. He got to meet Santa, who happened to be our friend Colin all dressed up, and was all smiles and eagerness. It's so sweet to watch.

We are headed over to the snow in Eastern Washington for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to watching him discover sledding!!

I'm also looking forward to taking pictures of all his cousins in their Christmas pajamas! He and Rory will be matching in Hanna Anderson PJ's and the Hillis cousins (above at Thanksgiving, JD, Kenedee, Mylo and Jae) are all coordinated as well. SO fun!

'Tis the Season!

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