Teresa's Summer Goals

I have some big changes happening in my work life (more to come!) but in the meantime this summer I'm really excited to be taking a good chunk of time off of work to spend time traveling with Patrick and Mylo and pay some much needed attention to our home life.

Here is my (overly?) ambitious list of goals for all my "free" time this summer:
  • Get our personal finances (which are truly a mess) in order 
  • Purge the house of everything we don't regularly use or absolutely love. Read that book about organizing and purging that everyone is recommending.  
  • Make smoothies in my new Vitamix
  • Spend more time outdoors! Here, here and here are on my list. 
  • Study for GMAT test 
  • Read at least one book about parenting from the big stack sitting next to my bed.
  • Get our photo's organized/printed so they don't all disappear into the abyss
  • Less mindless screen time during the day -- ie no TV, Candy Crush, etc. Instead, read, journal, sit outside, listen to music and BLOG!

PS. I found this when I was cleaning out my desk at work last week. The only one I achieved was buying boxes for my basement. Soooo....at least I know I can't do any worse in 2015 than I did in 2014! 

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