Seven Questions for Seven Years

In honor of Teresa and Patrick's wedding anniversary on the 14th, I thought I'd ask Teresa some questions about her wedding and life these past 7 years...

Jenny: What's your favorite memory of your wedding day? 

Teresa: My wedding day was such a blur, I always recommend that people get a wedding videographer because I barely remember anything from the day! That being said my favorite memory was probably the moment you have pictured above. Our ceremony was really personal and beautiful and yet simple. I loved looking out into the crowd at all of our family and friends and just basking in the love of our community celebrating our marriage. 

J: Looking back, what is one thing you wish you would have done differently? 

T: Oh man, I would have had a destination wedding! We had a huge wedding in Tacoma that lasted about six hours. Instead I would have a weekend away with three whole days to celebrate with a smaller group. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to have a big crowd (see above) but in retrospect my anxious personality would have enjoyed a smaller gathering more I think.

J: What off of your wedding registry are you still using now? What do you regret not registering for? 

T: I love the vases that we got and one of my dear friends from high school got us a gorgeous decanter that I've had on display for a lot of years. Patrick uses our coffee maker everyday. We didn't have a lot so we were grateful for everything. I just bought a Vitamix which I'm super excited about! 

J: I know you have TONS of fun memories of life with Patrick, but what's one that sticks out? 

T: Patrick is super friendly (unlike me) and on our flight home from our honeymoon he struck up a conversation with the person sitting next to him that led to us housesitting this mansion in Washington DC for the rest of the summer! Made me second guess my no chatting on planes policy...for a minute. 

J: What do you think the Teresa of seven years ago would be most surprised to hear that you've done?

T: Chilled out. I'm definitely less high strung than I used to be, and I'm more honest about who I am. I wouldn't plan a 300 person wedding now because I know how much that would stress me out. Also, that I've kept working full time as a mom, I never thought I would have enough energy for that. 

J: If you could give one piece of relationship advice to someone who's getting married now, what would it be? 

T: Say you're sorry quickly. Patrick is so good at this and it has been such a gift in our marriage. Doesn't matter if it's something small or a big argument we try to say sorry very quickly (even when it's soooo hard) and it has saved us from a lot of pain. Saying sorry diffuses an argument and helps to start a conversation instead of just angry words.

Also, don't be afraid to do things separately! We have definitely benefited from vacations, activities, and friendships that are independent of each other. 

J: Looking forward what do you think life will look like for you and Patrick seven years from now? 

T: The next seven years will probably be just as adventurous as the first but in very different ways. Our life is focused on family and work right now, but having kids and settling down is it's own unknown adventure. :)

That was fun, thanks for asking, Jenny!

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  1. What thoughtful, helpful questions and honest answers, Teresa. Hope others benefit from your knowledge!