Hair Trick

I read this article a while back about tricks for parting your hair and changing your look. I decided to try parting my hair on the opposite side for the first time....ever. I have been parting my hair on the left side for about 15 years because I always thought my cowlick meant I had to. The first couple of times I did it I had to blow dry my hair in the opposite direction to get it to stay but IT WAS AMAZING. My hair has so much more volume and entirely covers up my cowlick on the other side. 

The first day I tried it I looked in the mirror and was convinced that everyone who saw me was going to make comments all day because it just looked so so different to me. But guess one noticed, not even Patrick or my closest colleagues. I had quite a few comments that my hair looked good or had more volume but no one even noticed that I had reversed my normal part. Which I think is actually a good thing. 

Anyway, if you want an experiment this summer give it a try. The one thing I did have to do was tell my hair colorist so that she could add some extra highlights on the other side of my head. Waa la! New summer look. 

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