Happy Birthday T!

Here's a throwback for you. TEN years ago we were celebrating Teresa's 21st birthday in Cape Town, South Africa.

Teresa got a blowout for the occasion. I wore a fancy new tube top.

We'd spent the last 10 weeks studying abroad in South Africa- traveling around the Eastern Cape, volunteering in townships and studying at the beach.

We'd come to the end of our time and this was a celebration of three different friend's birthdays, all in March, as well as a last hurrah for all of us on the program.

The party was at our favorite spot, just a few blocks from the house in which all 17 of us lived. It was our own Real World: Cape Town. Obz Cafe was where went for coffee, to study and of course, where we discovered hard cider, still one of my favorite drinks. Also, where I learned that some South Africans pronounce jalapeño with a j sound, and will correct you in a very condescending manner if you don't :)

The music consisted of our musical obsessions of that trip: Freshly Ground- a local group, Air, Sigur Rós and the Garden State soundtrack.  

So many good memories! I'm thankful to have had this and so many other adventures with you Teresa! Happy Birthday!!!

Above, our friend Amber, posing with me and T and below. Jenn, Brita and Teresa, the birthday girls. I think my favorite part about this, is that 10 years later, I'm still friends with these ladies.


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