Holiday Nail Art

So I got a manicure yesterday for the holidays (above!) and I went a little wild by adding one fingernail of glitter to each hand. I've never done this before but I keep seeing it around town and I thought it would add a little cheer to my normal paint...and I love it! I might get even more brave and go for something bold like the nail art below by Black Magic Nails at Bang Salon on Capitol Hill. What do you think?? I love the long pointy style that is in right now but I know I would get a lot of comments.

1 comment

  1. I really like that slightly longer & pointy look too! Reminds me of the 80's in a good way. Alas, I'd last a day before breaking a nail or just getting crazy annoyed with them. How do ladies type with those nails? Or use their phone?