Cures for the Winter Blues: Pride and Prejudice!

It has been downright frigid here in Seattle and the winter blues are setting in. I have been trying to think of fun wintery activities to keep me positive, cue the "Cures for the Winter Blues" series. I'd love any recommendations that you all have as well, I know we can all use some fresh ideas to get through these dark months.

Do you have movies or series that you watch annually at a certain time of year? Jenny and I always watch Little Women during the holidays, it's a fun tradition and a wonderful movie (young Christian Bale, swoon). This November I watched all six hours of the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries staring Colin Firth in all his glory as Mr. Darcy. It was wonderful. I watched it via Amazon Prime so I had available on my phone, TV and computer and watched it in little pieces at the gym, in the evenings, and whenever I had a free moment. Perpetually sunny and summer-like, cheerful-movie-rural-England is a lovely place to escape to on these winter days.

After I finished I went down the internet Pride and Prejudice rabbit-hole and discovered that there is a new BBC two-part movie called Death Comes to Pemberley which just showed on Masterpiece and I'm dying to watch. It is a murder mystery that takes place after Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy are married and settled at Pemberley and looks very entertaining. It stars two of my favorite TV actors, Matthew Goode (The Good Wife) as Wickham and Matthew Rhys (The Americans) as Darcy.

PS. More P&P adaptations, ranked.

Also, just because we all need a winter-smile, Darcy in the lake:

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