Best Buddies

Look at these two buddies! I love seeing them "playing" together. When I was pregnant we worried that Rafa wouldn't adjust well to a new baby around. I read a few websites online and when I was in the hospital just after his delivery we had my mom bring a little blanket that he had been wrapped in home so that he could smell the new baby scent and being to be introduced.

I'm not sure if that little blankie made any difference but it turns out that all of our fears were completely unfounded. I wouldn't say that Rafa is crazy about Mylo but he is so patient with him and even let's him chase him around the house when he's in the right mood. Mylo on the other hand is OBSESSED with Rafa. Just mentioning his name brings a smile to his face, even when he is in the midst of a tantrum or has just fallen down. I love watching them together, my little babes. 

Myles trying to share his bottle

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