What's Your Ideal Honeymoon?

Since I'm in Bali this week, I thought this would be a great topic for us.

Jason and I spent five days in San Diego for our honeymoon. We had to get back quick to photograph a wedding the following weekend!

I have to say, there's something to be said about a short relaxing trip. We knew we'd be exhausted after the wedding so our goal for our honeymoon was to go somewhere we could relax, with a short flight, where we knew we'd go back again so we would be content to sleep in and lay by the pool the whole time, without feeling like we were missing out on anything. We had a great time, but didn't love the hotel we stayed at. We ended up back in San Diego just a few months later for work. We stayed an extra night and booked a room at The Hotel Del Coronado, which I'd highly recommend. If a beautiful old hotel isn't romantic enough for you, listen to a couple of their ghost stories and you'll be cuddling all night long.

What's your ideal honeymoon spot? 

Maybe it's where you went, or where you're planning on going, or maybe you have a dream spot for some time in the future. A second honeymoon? I'd love to hear in the comments!

I know lots of couples planning their weddings now, and I'm sure they'd all love some ideas!

Photo of Jason and I in Perth, on a fun, yet not super romantic trip.This is what happened in the next moment. 


  1. We went to Belize and loved it!! Great food and the locals are very friendly. Coco Beach Resort I could not recommend enough.

  2. We went on a mini-moon to Salish Lodge for 2 nights and then went on a longer trip to the DR a year later.... Wouldn't change a thing!