Pumpkin Spice

I am not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. Yep, I said it. Did you see John Oliver this weekend ranting against them? Hilarious. I would however, be more interested in drinking something a little more natural like this. Have you ever tried to make one at home?


  1. I've never been a fan either. Although, I have to say I sometimes enjoy watching other people get SOOOOO excited about it. It a phenomena I just can't understand and somehow that makes it super interesting to me.

    I've also read too many articles about what's actually IN that latte to be wiling to ever give it another shot. It's not very natural :/

  2. I just order 1 pump of pumpkin spice (if at all) - but I agree, the whole "spice" thing is a little too much, would love just the sweetness of pumpkin or the fall clove-y flavor.