Covers and Covers

I'm on a kick of listening to cover songs. It started with Mary Lambert's album and her beautiful voice sining the 80's classic "Jesse's Girl". And have you heard Aretha Franklin's version of "Rolling in the Deep"?  From that, a playlist was born.

I've loved covers since before I realized it. I knew the cover version long before I heard the original "Killing Me Softly". I was shocked one day circa 1997 when The Fugees' version came on the radio and MY MOM STARTED SINGING ALONG!  How did she know the words?!?  I was amazed to discover it was a Roberta Flack cover.  While I love the originals,  Ryan Adam's "Wonderwall" and Youth Group's "Forever Young" are two of my favorite songs. 

Above, an amazing cover that isn't available on Spotify, and below, I give you a mix of covers from the past and covers I've found more recently. Some are amazing, some are nostalgic, some are a little silly. Here you go!

I feel like we've come full circle, from the days where rap was known for it's sampling of songs of the past to 2014, when everyone is scrambling to post their acoustic versions of Kanye on Youtube. We live in crazy times. 

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