Jenny's Favorites: August Edition

I wish my August favorites post was filled with sunscreen and sandals but lets be honest August was a whirlwind of Arrows getting finished and then playing catch up on work and sleep and life. Here's what got me through it!

1. I've been carrying my life around in this bag from Uxibal all month. It's a beautiful gold leather which goes with a ton and the shoulder strap has beautiful woven fabric, a perfect little burst of color. I know I've gushed about Uxibal before, but there stuff is unique, beautifully crafted and made by artisans in Guatemala. What's not to love?

2. I've been reading Molly Weizenberg's blog Orangette for years. She has the best recipes and such lovely stories to complement them so naturally, her book, A Homemade Life is wonderful as well. The end of August is the perfect time to read a book filled with lots of yummy recipes, I now have a long list of sweets to bake and dinners to cook through the fall!

3. After a year where "exercise" consisted solely of mad dashes through airports and loading heavy bags in and out of vehicles, I got a new yoga mat and am determined to get back into a routine that includes yoga.

4. I attempted to garden this summer and the fruits of my labor (or lack there of) amounted to three very small strawberries. Now,  I've been given some small succulents and a cactus, hopefully they'll last longer than all of the other plants I've had. I love having green in the house going into the fall. Any tips on keeping them alive are appreciated.

5. For most of the beginning of August, while Jason was literally living in the editing space finishing Arrows, I was putting myself to bed each night with a giant bowl of popcorn and this stuff is my favorite. If you come to my house, I will make you some :)

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