Do you have a signature scent?

Do you have a signature perfume that you always wear? I've always wanted to be one of those ladies that has a specific signature aroma that my grand-kids can say, oh she always smelled like .... but what? Instead of sticking with one scent I end up spritzing on a bunch of those sample perfumes that come in my Birchbox or I pick up at Nordstrom. 

Have you seen the "Fragrance Wheel" above? It was developed in the 1980's to help women pick out perfumes that fit their personality. In the past I've drifted toward amber/oriental notes but lately I've been more into woody and fresh scents. I'm in LOVE with the new Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne, it's on my Christmas list already. 

What scents do you prefer? Would you rather wear a different perfume every day or have a signature scent?

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