Cold Brew Coffee DIY

After seeing people go crazy for it in coffee shops for the last few summers, I decided to give cold brew at home a go.

What's so great about cold brew, you ask? A few things. There is a lower acidity level, giving the coffee a smoother taste (and making it easier on your stomach), also, hot coffee when cooled rapidly gets a bitter after taste, that isn't the case with cold brew since it's never hot. So, hypothetically, you're making a smoother, sweeter, cold coffee. (That's the Jenny paraphrase of info from Food 52 and the NY Times)

I chose to go with this incredibly simple and informative recipe from Jamie Oliver. So simple in fact, it suggests using paper towels to strain your coffee if you don't have anything else on hand. 

Don't get caught up in the world of crazy contraptions. It's really very simple and you can make a big batch and keep it in your fridge for a week. Also, to keep it even longer, you can freeze the coffee into ice cubes. 

This is the easiest version of coffee I've ever made. No equipment required. Seriously, paper towels. You can do this.

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