Baby Gear: Ten to Twelve Month Favorites

Baby Gear: Ten to Twelve Months

As you may expect, most of my 10-12 month favorites are toys! We covered a lot of the basics in the other baby gear posts and he is becoming so interactive and playful that toys were the biggies for the last quarter of his first year. 

1. Tobbles: These things are genius and so versatile. The texture is great for little hands and unlike balls they can't roll under couches or off the deck. :)

2. Table Toppers: This is one of my very favorite baby products ever. They are disposable sticky place-mats that we use every time we go out to eat. Mylo will throw a plate on the floor still so he was eating off of restaurant tables (that I would wipe down but still) until I discovered these little gems. 

3. Native Shoes: So cute, comfy and waterproof. 

4. Baby Gap PJ's: We love Gap and Old Navy sleep sets. Cute, well made, and roomy enough for my big guy. 

5. BEABA spoons and Boon suction bowls: We have several types of suction bowls and the Boon ones are the only that actually stick. Love the soft BEABA spoons for his little mouth. 

6. Bummi's Swim Diapers: We also tried the Honest brand swim diapers but they were pull ups which  is too much of a challenge for me. These ones were great all summer and we just traded on and off with two pairs. 

7. Banana Toothbrush: Now that Mr. Myles finally has (four!) teeth we have been using this little toothbrush/teether to keep them pearly white. 

8. Sensory Balls: These balls are a huge hit at our house. Easy to grasp, great texture, fun colors, float in the water, what else can you ask for?

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