Would you teach your baby sign language?

For the past few weeks Myles has been driving us all a little bonkers with his fairly constant whining. He has this little sound that he makes all day that's like a high pitched "eh" noise. He hasn't started saying any words yet so this is his best attempt to communicate with us every thing from "I'm hungry, where's my breakfast?" to "I'm bored, let's go outside." Honestly I can't blame the little guy for trying to talk with us the only way he knows how.

Patrick and I are both eager to help Myles to communicate with us but there are only so many times you can try to get him to say "mama." So I'm thinking of trying to teach him some sign language. I've heard it can be fairly easy to teach babies a few words of ASL so that they are able to communicate before they have verbal language skills.

This website is awesome with basic videos on how to get started. Has anyone out there tried baby sign language? Any tips or success stories to get us started?

PS. 12 basic sign language words (love the one for cat!)

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  1. Teaching our little guy sign language has been our saving grace. The signs we find most helpful: "I'm hungry (I want to eat)" ..."More (food)"..."All done"... "Please" ... "Thank you"..."No".... "Milk"... And last but not least.. "I love you!" Makes the moment of going (bonkers) far more doable, with a melted heart! Oh wait.. We also taught him "I'm sorry"... He often communicates with hitting his big sis to get her attention. So time outs have begun! Hope this helps :)