Would You Add Butter to Your Coffee?

Have you heard of this new craze called Bulletproof Coffee? People are adding butter to their morning cup of Jo instead of creamer...to loose weight. What??

Dave Asprey "invented" this concoction after tasting coffee with butter while trekking in Tibet. His recipe involves adding unsalted butter and MCT oil (or coconut oil) to your morning coffee, then blending it in to a frothy "latte-like" drink. He claims that when substituted for breakfast it is a great tool for weight loss while heightening awareness at the same time. Sounds about right if you don't eat breakfast and then drink coffee... I wouldn't know though since I'm more of a tea girl.

Apparently butter coffee is becoming the new thing at fancy coffee shops as well, would you try it?



  1. I keep seeing this places. I want to try it! Ideally at a coffee shop first, I feel like I'd not make it quite right at home.