Trying Oil Pulling

Have you heard of oil pulling? I'm always up for a new odd craze to bandwagon so I decided to give it a shot. This is an ancient technique originating in India that involves swishing the mouth with oil first thing in the morning before eating or drinking. The idea is that the oil pulls the toxins out of your mouth and off of your teeth leaving your teeth whiter, mouth cleaner, and toxin-free. There are also claims that it helps clean the sinuses, cures hangovers and eliminate skin blemishes. Most people recommend using coconut oil because of it's antiseptic qualities.

Day 1: So I'm going to be honest, the texture of solid coconut oil is not the most appetizing of experiences at 6:00 am on Monday morning. It takes about 30 seconds to dissolve in the mouth and then the taste didn't bother me at all. I swished leisurely while I cleaned the kitchen and made oatmeal and spit it in the trash (it can clog the drain). I was actually amazed at how much impact just one "pulling" had on my mouth. My teeth felt smooth, my mouth seemed fresh and relaxed, and it could have been my imagination but my teeth seemed whiter.

Day 2: I didn't notice quite as much impact on the second day but definitely appreciated the smoothness of my teeth.

Day 3: It's quite a commitment for this breakfast fiend to spend 20 minutes before eating swishing and gurgling. Not sure I'll be able to manage doing this every day but mouth feels fresh and clean.

Day 4: Teeth are definitely slightly whiter and my breath is very fresh. If only this didn't take 20 minutes or I could do it later in the day...

Day 5: .....and I haven't swished.

Overall I feel like this is something I could pull off maybe 3-4 times per week and be satisfied. It's much easier for me to do on weekdays because I'm up at least an hour before Patrick and Mylo. I definitely prefer the clean sensation it leaves vs the tingling that mouth wash creates.


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  1. I know what you mean, committing 20 minutes to pure swishing - a.k.a no talking to a baby or husband is often hard to carve out for me.