Jenny's Favorites: June Edition

June was one of those months that FLEW by thanks to some intensive projects we've been working on. Now I find myself on the other side of it, not even remembering much of what happened. Here are a few of the things I can recall enjoying this past month.

1. Loving my arrow bracelet from Moorea Seal and loving the concept of this store! It features a wonderfully curated selection of cards, jewelry, accessories and home goods made mainly by U.S. artists. 7% of proceeds go to a variety of great non-profits. They have a shop in Belltown and also online.

2. I'm currently listening to Ruby the Rabbitfoot and you should too!

3. I just finished reading (or rather, listening to the audiobook of) The Forgotten Garden. It's definitely a good summer read/listen that will suck you into the mystery of a multigenerational family secret.

4. Jason and I haven't had a lot of free time this month, but we're still trying to enjoy our yard this summer. We've resorted to having meetings back there, sitting in our awesome hammock chairs. Ours came from a beach vendor in Sayulita, but you can get similar ones here.

5. My current favorite eye shadow. 

6. Straws! These reusable stainless straws are perfect for my continued obsession with morning smoothies and afternoon ginger ale. Do yourself a favor and spring for the straw cleaners. I learned the hard way and had to order them separately. 

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